Kondaas Channel Partner!

Kondaas is one of India’s fastest-growing rooftop solar companies, with more than 10,000+ satisfied clients. We are able to deliver specially designed solar system installations since we are aware of our client’s energy needs. At Kondaas, we employ our

Channel Partner

specialized Kondaas Sales Platform to improve customer service and transform the Indian solar industry. With the help of this platform, our channel partners may quickly and easily create a unique solar system.

Anyone with no prior knowledge of solar energy can utilize the platform thanks to its simplicity. Anyone with a strong network and business development talent can become one of our channel partners thanks to the numerous training programs we provide for our solar channel partners.

Interested Applicants may submit the EOI by mail @ kondaasdealers@gmail.com with the Subject Line “EOI for Association as a Channel Partner” along with the filled application and the documents duly signed. Once your application is shortlisted, we will send you our complete business proposal. The initial association will be for a period of one year which can be renewed on the basis of performance.

Get a quick overview of Kondaas Automation and its products.

The Complete Process is very simple. Below we have listed the details for your Understanding:
Step 1

Fill out the application form. Attach the Application form and the documents mentioned in the application form

Step 2

Once the application is shortlisted, our associate will reach out to discuss incentives per Customer.

Step 3

Once you become our channel partner, we will assist you with the product and BoM details. Kondaas documents related to Site Survey, Customer Agreement, and Process training Training on Kondaas Smart Boy tool.

So, what are you waiting for?