Solar Plant Operations and Maintenance

Optimal Solar Plant Performance in the Expert Hands of Kondaas Automation Private Limited.

In today’s current scenario, industrial and commercial companies rely on solar panels and industrial PV systems to avoid power outage issues related to grid supplies. Whether in industries such as paper, steel, chemicals, textiles, cement, dairy, or ceramics, solar panels are fast becoming the norm rather than the option in India. This is driven nationwide by the existence of open-access networks in most states. The PV industry demands well-managed Solar Plant Operations and Maintenance services to keepGuidelines for maintenance of Solar Panels Clean plant performance at par with the required expectations as well as applicable regulations.

As utilities embrace and rely on solar PV grid-connected plants for both commercial and industrial applications, Kondaas Automation has the capabilities as well as experience in all aspects of solar plant Maintenance to help deliver optimal power.

Solar Plant Operations and Maintenance offered by Kondaas!

Consistent solar power plant monitoring is crucial. Utilize our cutting-edge performance management system, integrated platform for maintenance, and remote monitoring technology. Kondaas Automation has unmatched experience in the Maintenance of large utility-scale projects and solar rooftops for the last 10 years. We also offer monitoring of hardware and services, based on the solar-log data logger platform from Germany.

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Our services portfolio:

Operations and Maintenance Packages

  • Regular cleaning of solar panels
  • Frequent maintenance of thermal-based components
  • Diagnostic testing for low power production
  • Circuit testing
  • Earth value measurement
  • Data acquisition system check
  • Warranty management

Uptime Management

  • Monitoring energy production (daily basis)
  • Critical and non-critical reactive repairs
  • Spare parts and inventory management

How to clean your Solar Panels