Power Solutions for Institutions

Kondaas Automation offers Power Solutions for Institutions. Below is the Case Study from one of the Educational Institutions.

Project Case Study: Educational Institution, Coimbatore Rural

The Challenge:

A well-known educational institution in Coimbatore faces a massive power crisis. TNEB could only supply 100 KW of power, but the required demand for the facility was 450 KW at full load and about 90 KW in the dormitory. The Educational Institution has taken the following precautions to cover the power supply.

Diesel Generator: 250 KVA – 2 NOS
Diesel Generator: 40 KVA – 1 NOS

At full load, the 250 KVA unit consumed approximately 60 liters of diesel per hour. Two 250kVA diesel generators were used for campus operations, while a 40kVA generator was used daily, specifically for the hostel’s dishwasher, consuming the full load of the 40kVA generator. The institution was spending huge sums of money each month to meet its power needs. Below is a rough estimate of how much each institution spends each month.

250 KVA generator: 12 hours x 60 liters = 720 liters per day, cost about INR 57,600
250kVA generator: 8 hours x 60 liters = 480 liters per day, cost about INR 38,400
40 KVA generator: 2 hours x 12 liters = 24 liters per day, about INR 1920
Separately, TNEB, which operates 24 hours a day, consumes 100 units each hour accumulating to 2400 Units a day.
Total fossil fuel expenditure per day: INR 97,920
Total Daily Electricity Charge @ INR 7.50 / Unit: INR 18000.00
Total monthly fossil fuel expenditure: INR 25,45,920.00
Total monthly electricity bill: INR 5,40,000.00
Total Monthly Generation Expenditure Expended by Institution: INR 32,01,140.00

Sree Sakthi Engineering College- On-Grid Solar Plant Installation by Kondaas

Live footages of the case study!

The Solution:

The Kondaas team was approached by the Institution for a power solution. Our experts identified the need for a 300kVA grid-connected solar system. At the same time, TAGEDO funding program for educational institutions was a blessing. The institution was offered INR 46000/KW for them to install a grid-connected solar installation on the roof (price subject to change from time to time).

The Institute accepted the solution on the advice of Kondaas Solar Solution Experts and made an investment of INR 1,38,00,000.00 (INR 1.38 Crores) in the rooftop solar solution.

The Outcome:

This Education Institution achieved its (Return on Investment) ROI in less than 6 months. This institution also sold one of its 250 KVA diesel generators. Grid-tied systems are fully automated with effective load-balancing mechanisms, rarely using backup generators, but maximizing the potential of grid-tied systems.

Kondaas has proven its worth as trulyDEPENDABLE and has helped the institution save huge amounts of cash associated with its power needs. If you are looking for a solution for a similar power problem, feel free to contact us. We will consult with you for free.