Our Power Solutions

Green energy power solutions for your businesses

Kondaas Automation has worked with most of the large organizations in Tamilnadu to provide green energy power solutions to their requirements.

As more and more companies take notice of their environmental impact, reducing the damage they are causing to the planet is becoming a priority. Kondaas Automation’s green energy power solutions are helping companies to transform themselves into an environmentally responsible business & cutting their energy costs through the installation of renewable energy.

From site surveys to the installation and lifetime maintenance of the plant, we have an incredible track record of providing power that meets any requirements from an organization.

Solar power is a cleaner, faster-to-build, and cost-effective alternative energy solution to coal and diesel-based power.

As South India’s pioneer solar power company, we bring to you expertise built over extensive experience in developing and deploying projects over 50 MW for government, corporate & Residential clients.

Kondaas Automation has the experience and expertise to design fully integrated and customized solar power plant projects. As South India’s leading solar power company, we have the prowess to manage solar energy projects of any scale and the much-needed know-how to work within the confines of regulatory policies and vast geographical parameters.

Solar Power Energy Solutions for Textile Industry

The textile industry was among the first to adopt renewable energy in India and contributed greatly to the growth of clean energy in the country.

Solar Power Energy for Educational Institutions

By using solar energy, you can power your business and help reduce your carbon footprint.


In recent years, roof solar panels have become the best option for cutting electricity costs by as much as 70%.