Power Solutions for Commercial Locations

Why do Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels Emerge?  

Commercial Rooftop solar panels have recently emerged as the ideal solution to reduce your EB bill by up to 70% due to Electricity bills representing a significant portion of a commercial power facility’s total cost of ownership. Most modern offices have a large number of computers and other electronic equipment, centralized HVAC systems, etc., which need to run continuously for general day-to-day operations, which leads to high electricity bills where these costs grow exponentially with building size and personnel growth.

Commercial rooftop solar panels are rapidly gaining traction in India due to their obvious benefits. Kondaas Automation is well-equipped with the necessary technology, manpower, and proven experience in building commercial rooftop solar power plants according to customer requirements. Our range of services covers the entire value chain, from advice to delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning of solar systems, including warranty, O & M(Operation and Maintenance). With a portfolio of over 54.2 MW of solar projects on the roofs of schools, universities, large commercial buildings, government agencies, and open spaces, Kondaas is one of the frontrunners.

The need for solar energy

Greener Environment

The biggest incentive to install a commercial rooftop solar system is the economic aspect. Commercial solar energy has emerged as one of the most promising and widespread renewable energy sources today. Commercial solar panels can provide years of free, uninterrupted power while contributing to a greener environment. Commercial Rooftop solar panels are also easy to install and require minimal maintenance. The surplus electricity generated can be sold to the grid via a net metering facility, directly impacting existing electricity tariffs. As fossil fuel reserves are depleted, environmental degradation is accelerating, and pressure is being placed on power generation infrastructure, governments are taking various steps in the form of subsidies to accelerate the adoption of solar energy.

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