Kondaas-Solar Water Pumps

Why Solar Water Pumps?

Solar water pumps are an innovative technology water lifting system that is powered by solar energy and they can be named Solar Pumping Systems, Solar Submersible Pumps, and Solar Pumps. This system typically consists of a solar panel, solar inverter, and controller. These pumps are more economical since they don’t need grid electricity and reduce carbon footprints too.

Leaders in Technology, Quality, and Competitiveness of Air Cooled KONDAAS solar inverter with MPPT (VFD) Variable Frequency Drive will provide maximum torque with minimum sunlight.

This system requires no battery, the panel is directly connected to the inverter, which can be connected to a 3-phase motor. The OSP-based control will track & extract maximum power from the solar panel so that the motor runs at a constant torque for the wide range of intensity of sunlight-morning till evening.

This will give 35% extra energy, resulting in 35% more water than the conventional 3-phase inverter +3 phase pump or DC motor-based water pump.

The solar-powered pump is a wonderful technique for providing water to isolated locations that are both environmentally and socially beneficial. Solar pumps are more popular among farmers and are used to irrigate agricultural land and horticultural fields. But now, these pumps are increasingly used for fountains, swimming pool pumps, water circulation pumps, mono-block home pumps, and other similar applications.

Things you must consider before buying a Solar Water pump:

  • Calculate your water consumption.
  • Know the depth the of water level.
  • Decide the capacity of the water pump.
  • Place an order for a solar pump.
  • Get it installed and enjoy.
HP Depth Litre per Minute
1HP 200 Feet 30 LPM
2HP 350 Feet 40 LPM
2HP 450 Feet 50 LPM
3HP 600 Feet 40 LPM
4HP 550 Feet 35 LPM
5HP 600 Feet 40 LPM
7.5HP 700 Feet 45 LPM
10HP 900 Feet 45 LPM