With over 30,000 users, Kondass Powerlite is the leader in power invertors, UPS systems and servo stabilizers have become synonymous with comphrehensive power solutions. Kodaas products are conceived and developed at our world - class R&D center and manufactured at our state -of -the-art plant on completely automated process.

Every day, all around, our people manufacture , Service and distribute UPS that accelerates businesses, Industry s , homes energizes hospitals and schools, and elevates the quality of life.

Combining deep local insights, and a relentless commitment to operational excellence and values, we help our customers to grow through reliable UPS System We operate in extremely diverse markets, ranging from a small ups to power one computer or one small hut to large machineries or an entire Hospital . Everywhere we operate, we believe that dependable Power Systems is essential to human progress and to advancing economic growth, public health and security.

Kondaas, one of the Tamilnadu s largest UPS manufacturing and distribution Company , founded in the Year 1995 , has a product for every application , We have been solving customer problems and providing excellent power solutions for more than 60,000 customers in the two decades.We are committed to become the largest UPS Brand in India .To achieve our goal , as the most remarkable player in the field of Ups , kondaas will continue to invest in its people , process and systems .

In Kondaas, Sharing knowledge among that network is a core component of the way it does business. It’s how we work, and how we improve. Our customers and business partners count on the unique insights of our people, benefiting from the collective experience of Kondaas. That’s why we deploy networks of experts—circulating ingenuity and best practices throughout , to continually bring insights and expertise to each particular challenge.

Kondaas has always been a values-driven company. Rooted in the cultures in which we live and work, we are dedicated to improving the lives of the people we serve. Honoring our commitments to all of our stakeholders—our customers, teammates, communities, owners, suppliers and partners—is explicitly part of our shared values. Our stated values put safety first and stress that all of our people act with integrity and strive for excellence. We also embrace having fun through work. It’s a unique aspect of our culture and people, who bring to work every day a passion and belief that Kondaas can and does make a difference. These values both reflect who we are, and help to shape our future and the world around us.

  • High Efficiency & Handles more Computer/Load per Kva.
  • Smallest Foot print & hence saves your previous usable space.
  • LCD Display & hence very user friendly.
  • Software Connectivity & hence controls all aspects of the UPS.
  • Award winning Technological advanced UPS.
  • High Frequency IGBT Invertor ensure that no harmonic interference damages your sensitive equipment.
  • Built in Battery & hence Absolutely no maintenances.
  • Auto Bypass provision.
  • Double conversion design & hence Protects against all the five most common power problems prevalent in india.
  • Lowest Maintenances cost.
  • Proven service & Support

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